Document production systems and production schedulers

Two areas of expertise depending on your requirements

S+D can tackle your project in one of two areas: document production systems and production schedulers (using an IBM product called Tivoli Workload Scheduler – TWS). Everything depends on the size of your company, your IT infrastructure and your objectives. Just explain the problem to us so that we can steer you in the right direction.

Document production systems

With document production, our job is to manage each stage of the life cycle of a document from data retrieval, through transformation (e.g., formatting, integrity control, verification), to digital display (on Internet or intranet) or printing and distribution (e.g., mail, e-mailing, SMS).

We work on all types of data and documents, whether printed (and possibly distributed by mail) or digital. The current trend is the  dematerialization of documents or electronic document management (EDM).

Production schedulers

Another more specific aspect of our job is to implement and manage production schedulers in your IT infrastructure. This involves programming and centralizing the data flow and workloads to optimize performance (availability, flexibility, scalability and monitoring).

Have you detected a specific need in document production at your company? Are you looking for a expert in production schedulers (TWS-type)?