• Systèmes & Documents reference: Groupama


Full outsourcing of document production.


Groupama is a French insurance and banking group with a wide customer base: individuals, professionals, businesses, and local governments. Present in 14 countries, Groupama operates in France under the brand names Groupama and Gan-Amaguiz (source : Wikipedia)

Groupama wanted to completely outsource management of its document production system. The challenge was to propose a “non-intrusive” solution, i.e., one that did not affect the business applications already in place.

The objective was to create a “rationalization hub” that could handle all the customer’s document flow.


Since we have working with Groupama, this rationalization hub processes tens of millions of pages a year. IIt is designed to assemble, reformat, organize, index and finally trace all the pages. Finally, the data is transmitted in AFPDS format (regardless of the input format) to the various printing, postage and delivery services.

The document production system is completely outsourced.

Printing services are not managed internally. The same is true for mail insertion.