Technically and spiritually

What makes Systèmes & Documents different is first, our technological know-how, widely acknowledged in the industry, and secondly, our rather unorthodox work ethic.

Our technological know-how

A technology-oriented environment

At our offices in Malakoff, outside of Paris, we have created a high-tech environment (AIX + AS 400 + Linux + Windows servers) that enables us to replicate the hardware and software conditions of our customers. This environment helps us to test the solutions we design for a specific technical context in real conditions and offer support (e.g., by replicating incidents). Thanks to the infrastructure at our immediate disposal, we can be more productive and responsive.

Open and scalable architecture

The architecture we recommend to our customers is especially open and scalable. Our idea is to guarantee our customers a maximum amount of independence so that they are never married to a particular technology or service provider. This includes us.

A number of partnerships

We have established a large number of partnerships with application developers to offer objectively a wide range of functionalities. We have been specifically trained, and in some cases, officially certified (e.g., by IBM) on each application we recommend. We test each one in depth. Here is the list of some our partners.


Our added value? Technology in action!

At S+D our priority is your document production. We dedicate most of our time (and your budget) to working on concrete technical solutions that meet your expectations. Our credo: talk less and work more.

Do you want to benefit from our know-how? Do you agree with our work ethic?

Our work ethic


One of S+D’s strong points is in the complementarity between two forces: the solid technical experience and professional maturity of Philippe Tessier, General Manager, and the creativity and technical audacity of the young engineers who make up the team. A cocktail carefully mixed at recruitment time. The human factor is crucial at Systèmes & Documents.

The passion

Another character trait we are especially proud of—our passion. For us, each project is a new challenge that becomes almost a game when the solution to a tricky problem is not readily obvious. The more complicated the technical context, the greater the challenge—and the more it motivates us!


Here are a few more key words that are especially instrumental in our daily methodology of managing projects: reactivity, flexibility and efficiency. These words have made us famous.


These values best characterize our work ethic: pragmatism, objectivity, trust and honesty. Words that make sense to our customers and partners.


Independence is an important value for us.

We defend freedom and independence on a daily basis. This is why all the solutions we propose are always based on objectivity and honesty, never dictated by any sales agreement or a partnership that would compromise our freedom of decision. For every problem a solution.